Oh, Tommy Boy!

Tommy II - The Super Office Puppy!

Tommy II - The Super Office Puppy!

Welcome to two of dmA’s new additions – our Blog and our Office Puppy – Tommy.

Both give us an opportunity to share some “leisurely” thoughts on all things recreation, lifestyle, and information, for that is what dmA is all about – recreation, libraries, and healthy lifestyles.

But I digress; there is a link between our Office Puppy and something very close to any recreationist’s heart – the value of active participation in sport and recreation. And what you ask does that have to do with an Office Puppy?

Well, Tommy was named after my Dad who came to Canada after WW II on Olympic Boxing Trials. The first Tommy Donovan was a poor kid from London England who had great difficulty in school (story is he learned to read by reading labels as the cook’s helper on a British Naval Ship – probably an important skill when feeding a few hundred men!) but was a superb boxer and soccer player – and so in the spirit of the times was “passed” every year so that he could continue to play for his school.  Surely we would not do that today, and I can’t say it was the best thing for the first Tommy in our family. But it does speak to the power of sport and its ability to pull children – and their children out of poverty. 

Tommy2 is a daily reminder of that important lesson. So hats off to all those organizations who help today’s Tommys and Emilies to afford to actively participate in sport and recreation activities – they could grow up to be some Office Puppy’s namesake!  

~Wendy Donovan 

The "Original" Tommy Donovan


Tommy Donovan - Boxing




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