Zoom Zoomers!

Other recreational, informational, and lifestyle lessons our Office Puppy is teaching us…In the last few years more and more of dmA’s projects have had a focus or a component dealing with older adults. More specifically that group we now call Zoomers – Baby Boomers with Zip I guess! Yours truly – the Donovan and Morgenstern in dmA (yes for all those who wonder what the d and the m stand for it is Donovan and Morgenstern – the underlined m a story for another day) are Zoomers – born between 1947 and 1962 in Canada – years when double the normal number of children were born in most western countries.

Baby Boomers affected everything they passed through – elementary schools – there weren’t enough; recreation programs – there were hardly any; universities – also not enough spaces, particularly when those Baby Boomer women decided they would go too! And then they all had children and the huge number of Baby Boomers of course wanted good schools and quality recreation for their offspring – girls as well as boys. Now the Baby Boomers are retiring and what will that transition mean for society.

As we have shared with some of our clients, on average Baby Boomers have more disposable income than any generation before or perhaps after them. The “senior” discounts we believe should be a thing of the past if they are provided on the assumption that older adults – at least those who are just reaching their normal retirement age – have less money. That will we know be a difficult battle for many communities but it is a fact.

On a lighter note Zoomers (who do not like the term older adult or senior btw) apparently consider themselves maybe entering middle age, and show all the signs of fighting the aging process. They will do that by continuing to work for pay – but on their terms, doing what it takes to stay healthy and active, and yes maybe a second family – even if this time it is a furry little beast.

It has been many years since the d and the m got up with a young baby but Tommy reintroduced us to that joy this summer. He forces us to keep up – with our reading of books about him, our reading of his sometimes obscure signals, his antics, his energy. He has made us feel young and old sometimes in the same hour. But he is a new experience and a wonderful source of amazement and amusement. He is life and that is what it is all about being a Zoomer.